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July 31, 2017

Global Injury Portal

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In an effort to try and understand where benchmarks lay, we have developed an anonymous system to report injury figures on a monthly basis, and compare them against parks around the world. The effectiveness of this system relies on COMPLETE HONESTY and on the submittal of statistics by AS MANY OPERATORS AS POSSIBLE. There can be no ‘observing from the sidelines’. We have standardised injury grading classifications (see below) AND added a separate field for FRACTURES which (although these injuries will be reported in the grading submittals also – therefore submitting fractures twice), allows us to discuss an easily recognisable figure as a benchmark. Please bear in mind, injury classifications may change once a follow up call is made to the injured party. Please report your figures after re-classification in order to be as accurate as possible. After all reports are in, I will send out figures and rankings as an excel file with some basic analysis, enclosing raw data at the back of the file for your own interpretation. How to get involved: 1. Please ensure you sign up to the Global Trampoline Park Injury Portal List. You must do so here or you will not receive the output data:

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2. Begin logging your first aid interventions by our Injury Grading Classification (see below). 3. Think of a ‘Unique 10 Digit Identifier’ for your park. This should be alphanumeric, 10 digits, and bear no link to your park name. Remember this identifier, as you will need this to identify yourself in the output file. Use the same identifier each time, so you can track your parks progress over time. 4. Submit your data for the calendar month according to the following timelines BELOW. Submittal Timelines 1st [Month] 0h00 (GMT): Portal opens for previous month’s data 5th [Month] 23h59 (GMT): Portal closes for previous month’s data 10th-13th [Month]: Portal output is sent to those that have signed up on the Global Trampoline Park Injury Portal Sign Up. NOTE: All information remains COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS provided you do not give your unique identifier code to anyone else! Only the information you submit will be reported. For queries regarding this form, please email Simon Wilkinson at iatp_portal@indoortrampolineparks.org.


Injury Grading Classification: COPY AND PASTE THIS GRADING SCALE FOR YOUR OWN RECORDS: Grade 0 – All 1st Aid intervention that relates to an issues that does not fall into Grade 1, 2, 3 or 4 categories. An example of a Grade 0 injury would be the issue of a plaster to cover a pre-existing cut prior to the activity. Grade 1 – These are classified as any injury that requires the intervention of a ‘first-aider’ but does not prevent the injured party from being capable of continuing the activity. An example might be minor cuts, a small friction burn, or an incident resulting in a small bruise or suspected strain. Grade 2 – These are classified as any injury that requires the intervention of a ‘first-aider’ and prevents the injured party from being capable of continuing the activity. If the injured party then chooses to seek medical advice after the event, the outcome shall not fall into grade 3 or 4 category. Grade 3 – Grade 3 injuries can be classified as any injury sustained in the park that requires professional medical intervention to rectify (above and beyond RICE) but does not fall into the category of a grade 4 (life-changing) injury. Examples may be fractures of any kind, tendon or ligament damage that requires further medical intervention beyond the initial diagnosis, and muscular damage that requires further medical intervention beyond the initial diagnosis. Grade 4 – Any injury that causes or results in the death of a participant OR alters the quality of the rest of their life. This may include paralysis, nerve damage or limb amputation.