Your park, your rules, delivered your way

Engaging & Effective Bespoke Safety Briefings



Your park, your rules, delivered your way. An engaging bespoke safety briefing will hold your clients attention time and time again and leave a lasting impact on client behaviour!



Show your clients and potential claimants that you are invested in park safety and take your duty of care seriously. A well planned & executed bespoke briefing is hard to argue with!

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REDUCE COSTS & Boost income*

Improve the commentary about your facility in the local community with a well executed and effective safety strategy. The bespoke safety briefing video is often the lynchpin of this strategy!

Why Choose Absorb for your Bespoke Safety Briefing


Fast Turnaround

We understand that whether you are first opening your park, or need to respond to trends in injuries, you need your briefing designed, filmed and edited back to you in a very short period. We have delivered full briefings from consultation to delivery in under 48 hours! The best just got better!

Consultation with simon Wilkinson of IATP

Our safety briefing consultation will help plan your communication strategy through the entire client journey, to ensure the right messages are delivered at the right time. Never miss an opportunity to deliver key information, have it remembered by your clients and stimulate secondary spend opportunities.

Professional HD Content

No compromises here. Vibrant HD content that wows your clients on the big screens! A great safety briefing has the perfect blend of 'must have' safety messages and enticing content to keep every client of every age fully engaged!

Drone Footage to wow and inspire

Excite your clients with views of your park that have never been seen before! A great way to establish the scenes for your rules, and retain the focus of clients with the shortest attention spans!

Fully Subtitled for the hearing impaired

Be confident your safety message is being understood by the widest range of clients. Our clear and concise subtitles ensure the key messages and rules are fully understood.

Remove Human Error

Not all of us were born for public speaking. A bespoke safety briefing ensures that not only are the standards of delivery the same every time, but that the quality of the message never drops from the first session of the day, to the very last.

A key defensibilty measure

The bespoke safety briefing send a clear message to all your clients: "We're invested in your safety." Your bespoke safety briefing forms a key part of your defensibility pack in the event of a claim.


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